Stairway to life… or hell

The start There I was, a healthy born baby. Crying in a hospital room in my mother's arm and beside her stood my father smiling. Little did I know about that smile. I wasn't the brightest kid growing up but that would mean the feeling of silky belt on the naked skin of your back … Continue reading Stairway to life… or hell

Soul (A life force)

About to sound coo coo But please, do bear with me. It was about last week, I was sober, definitely clean and was relaxing about. My best friend and I, we went to a friend's house, nothing much to do. We played a couple of games and my friend's friend decided that they were going … Continue reading Soul (A life force)


The waterfalls I lay in my bed, thinking about life. My friend picks me up and we go to her university. Ugh Another shitty day and I'm already high. Why not up the dosage? We finish and I drop her to work and take another dose of my high. Feeling pretty jumpy. What the fuck … Continue reading Teardrop